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Research projects in which the EMC3 group is involved:


  • DEPHY2 (Développement et Evaluation PHYsiques des modèles atmosphériques): Ongoing; contact: M.-P. Lefebvre and C. Rio
  • MissTerre (Modélisation Intégrée du Système Terre): Ongoing; contact: J.-L. Dufresne
  • ClimaConf (Les questions de la confiance dans le réchauffement global : modélisation du climat, expertise et lien au politique) : 2011 - 2014; contact: J.-L. Dufresne
  • Escape (Environmental and Social Changes in Africa: Past, present and futurE): 2011 - 2014; contact: F. Hourdin
  • CONV-Iso (Studying convective and cloud processes during the MJO and evaluating their representation in climate models by combining humidity, cloud and water isotopic measurements): 2013 - 2017; contact: C. Risi
  • Remember: Ongoing; contact: F. Hourdin
  • REAGIR (flexion Autour de la Géo-Ingénierie Environnementale): 2012 - 2014; contact: O. Boucher


  • EUCLIPSE (European Union Cloud Intercomparison, Process Study & Evaluation Project) : 2010 - 2014; contact: S. Bony
  • EMBRACE: 2011 - 2015; contact: C. Rio
  • IMPLICC (Implications and risks of engineering solar radiation to limit climate change): 2009 - 2012; contact: O. Boucher
  • ECLIPSE (Evaluating the CLimate and Air Quality ImPacts of Short-livEd Pollutants) : 2011 - 2014; contact: O. Boucher



  • WCRP (World Climate Research Program) Grand Challenge on “Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity”; contact: S. Bony
  • WGCM (Working Group on Coupled Modeling); contact: S. Bony
  • CMIP (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project); contact: J.-L. Dufresne
  • CFMIP (Cloud Feedback Model Intercomparison Project); contact: S. Bony
  • GEWEX GASS (Global Energy and Water Cycle Exchanges Project Global Atmospheric System Studies); contact: J.-Y. Grandpeix
  • CORDEX (Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment); contact: L. Li
  • GeoMIP (Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project); contact: O. Boucher
  • MJO-TF (Madden-Julian Oscillation Task Force); contact: C. Risi