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I. Understanding and modelling physical processes and mechanisms

  • Clouds, convection and boundary layer (Catherine, Marie-Pierre, Jean-Baptiste)
  • Aerosols and cloud microphysics (Olivier, Jean-Baptiste, Marine)
  • Convective organization (Jean-Yves, Catherine, Sandrine, Geneviève, Laurence)
  • Land-surface interactions (Frédérique, Frederic)

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II. Understanding climate variability and change

  • Tropical climate variability (Camille, Catherine)
  • Climate forcings, sensitivity and feedbacks (Jean-Louis, Sandrine, Olivier)
  • Regional climate patterns and phenomena (Frederic, Laurent L)

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III. Development of the LMDZ General Circulation Model

  • Physical parameterizations (Catherine, Marie-Pierre)
  • Dynamical core and numerics (Frederic)
  • Configurations and infrastructure (Laurent F, Laurent L, Lidia, C. Risi)
  • Diagnostics and evaluation (Ionela, Abderrahmane, Geneviève, Laurence)

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