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2012 .

(1 publication)

Y. Sane, M. Bonazzola, C. Rio, P. Chambon, T. Fiolleau, I. Musat, F. Hourdin, R. Roca, J.-Y. Grandpeix, and A. Diedhiou. An analysis of the diurnal cycle of precipitation over Dakar using local rain-gauge data and a general circulation model. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 138:2182-2195, October 2012. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link ]

2011 .

(1 publication)

J. Teixeira, S. Cardoso, M. Bonazzola, J. Cole, A. Delgenio, C. Demott, C. Franklin, C. Hannay, C. Jakob, Y. Jiao, J. Karlsson, H. Kitagawa, M. Köhler, A. Kuwano-Yoshida, C. Ledrian, J. Li, A. Lock, M. J. Miller, P. Marquet, J. Martins, C. R. Mechoso, E. V. Meijgaard, I. Meinke, P. M. A. Miranda, D. Mironov, R. Neggers, H. L. Pan, D. A. Randall, P. J. Rasch, B. Rockel, W. B. Rossow, B. Ritter, A. P. Siebesma, P. M. M. Soares, F. J. Turk, P. A. Vaillancourt, A. von Engeln, and M. Zhao. Tropical and Subtropical Cloud Transitions in Weather and Climate Prediction Models: The GCSS/WGNE Pacific Cross-Section Intercomparison (GPCI). Journal of Climate, 24:5223-5256, October 2011. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link ]

2009 .

(2 publications)

J.-I. Yano, S. Mulet, and M. Bonazzola. Tropical large-scale circulations: asymptotically non-divergent? Tellus Series A, 61:417-427, May 2009. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

J.-I. Yano and M. Bonazzola. Scale Analysis for Large-Scale Tropical Atmospheric Dynamics. Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, 66:159, 2009. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link ]

2008 .

(1 publication)

R. James, M. Bonazzola, B. Legras, K. Surbled, and S. Fueglistaler. Water vapor transport and dehydration above convective outflow during Asian monsoon. Geophysical Research Letters, 35:20810, October 2008. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

2005 .

(1 publication)

S. Fueglistaler, M. Bonazzola, P. H. Haynes, and T. Peter. Stratospheric water vapor predicted from the Lagrangian temperature history of air entering the stratosphere in the tropics. Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres), 110:8107, April 2005. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

2004 .

(1 publication)

M. Bonazzola and P. H. Haynes. A trajectory-based study of the tropical tropopause region. Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres), 109:20112, October 2004. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

2001 .

(2 publications)

M. Bonazzola, L. Picon, H. Laurent, F. Hourdin, G. SèZe, H. Pawlowska, and R. Sadourny. Retrieval of large-scale wind divergences from infrared Meteosat-5 brightness temperatures over the Indian Ocean. Journal of Geophysical Research, 106:28113, November 2001. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

J.-F. Leon, P. Chazette, F. Dulac, J. Pelon, C. Flamant, M. Bonazzola, G. Foret, S. C. Alfaro, H. Cachier, S. Cautenet, E. Hamonou, A. Gaudichet, L. Gomes, J.-L. Rajot, F. Lavenu, S. R. Inamdar, P. R. Sarode, and J. S. Kadadevarmath. Large-scale advection of continental aerosols during INDOEX. Journal of Geophysical Research, 106:28427, November 2001. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

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