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2015 .

(1 publication)

R. Locatelli, P. Bousquet, F. Hourdin, M. Saunois, A. Cozic, F. Couvreux, J.-Y. Grandpeix, M.-P. Lefebvre, C. Rio, P. Bergamaschi, S. D. Chambers, U. Karstens, V. Kazan, S. van der Laan, H. A. J. Meijer, J. Moncrieff, M. Ramonet, H. A. Scheeren, C. Schlosser, M. Schmidt, A. Vermeulen, and A. G. Williams. Atmospheric transport and chemistry of trace gases in LMDz5B: evaluation and implications for inverse modelling. Geoscientific Model Development, 8:129-150, February 2015. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

2013 .

(6 publications)

S. Rossignol, C. Rio, A. Ustache, S. Fable, J. Nicolle, A. Même, B. D'Anna, M. Nicolas, E. Leoz, and L. Chiappini. The use of a housecleaning product in an indoor environment leading to oxygenated polar compounds and SOA formation: Gas and particulate phase chemical characterization. Atmospheric Environment, 75:196-205, August 2013. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

A. Colaïtis, A. Spiga, F. Hourdin, C. Rio, F. Forget, and E. Millour. A thermal plume model for the Martian convective boundary layer. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets), 118:1468-1487, July 2013. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | arXiv | ADS link | Abstract ]

A. Jam, F. Hourdin, C. Rio, and F. Couvreux. Resolved Versus Parametrized Boundary-Layer Plumes. Part III: Derivation of a Statistical Scheme for Cumulus Clouds. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 147:421-441, June 2013. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

J.-L. Dufresne, M.-A. Foujols, S. Denvil, A. Caubel, O. Marti, O. Aumont, Y. Balkanski, S. Bekki, H. Bellenger, R. Benshila, S. Bony, L. Bopp, P. Braconnot, P. Brockmann, P. Cadule, F. Cheruy, F. Codron, A. Cozic, D. Cugnet, N. de Noblet, J.-P. Duvel, C. Ethé, L. Fairhead, T. Fichefet, S. Flavoni, P. Friedlingstein, J.-Y. Grandpeix, L. Guez, E. Guilyardi, D. Hauglustaine, F. Hourdin, A. Idelkadi, J. Ghattas, S. Joussaume, M. Kageyama, G. Krinner, S. Labetoulle, A. Lahellec, M.-P. Lefebvre, F. Lefevre, C. Levy, Z. X. Li, J. Lloyd, F. Lott, G. Madec, M. Mancip, M. Marchand, S. Masson, Y. Meurdesoif, J. Mignot, I. Musat, S. Parouty, J. Polcher, C. Rio, M. Schulz, D. Swingedouw, S. Szopa, C. Talandier, P. Terray, N. Viovy, and N. Vuichard. Climate change projections using the IPSL-CM5 Earth System Model: from CMIP3 to CMIP5. Climate Dynamics, 40:2123-2165, May 2013. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

F. Hourdin, J.-Y. Grandpeix, C. Rio, S. Bony, A. Jam, F. Cheruy, N. Rochetin, L. Fairhead, A. Idelkadi, I. Musat, J.-L. Dufresne, A. Lahellec, M.-P. Lefebvre, and R. Roehrig. LMDZ5B: the atmospheric component of the IPSL climate model with revisited parameterizations for clouds and convection. Climate Dynamics, 40:2193-2222, May 2013. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

C. Rio, J.-Y. Grandpeix, F. Hourdin, F. Guichard, F. Couvreux, J.-P. Lafore, A. Fridlind, A. Mrowiec, R. Roehrig, N. Rochetin, M.-P. Lefebvre, and A. Idelkadi. Control of deep convection by sub-cloud lifting processes: the ALP closure in the LMDZ5B general circulation model. Climate Dynamics, 40:2271-2292, May 2013. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

2012 .

(4 publications)

Y. Sane, M. Bonazzola, C. Rio, P. Chambon, T. Fiolleau, I. Musat, F. Hourdin, R. Roca, J.-Y. Grandpeix, and A. Diedhiou. An analysis of the diurnal cycle of precipitation over Dakar using local rain-gauge data and a general circulation model. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 138:2182-2195, October 2012. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link ]

A. A. Mrowiec, C. Rio, A. M. Fridlind, A. S. Ackerman, A. D. Del Genio, O. M. Pauluis, A. C. Varble, and J. Fan. Analysis of cloud-resolving simulations of a tropical mesoscale convective system observed during TWP-ICE: Vertical fluxes and draft properties in convective and stratiform regions. Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres), 117:19201, October 2012. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

S. Rossignol, L. Chiappini, E. Perraudin, C. Rio, S. Fable, R. Valorso, and J. F. Doussin. Development of a parallel sampling and analysis method for the elucidation of gas/particle partitioning of oxygenated semi-volatile organics: a limonene ozonolysis study. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 5:1459-1489, June 2012. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

F. Couvreux, C. Rio, F. Guichard, M. Lothon, G. Canut, D. Bouniol, and A. Gounou. Initiation of daytime local convection in a semi-arid region analysed with high-resolution simulations and AMMA observations. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 138:56-71, January 2012. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link ]

2011 .

(1 publication)

M. Lothon, B. Campistron, M. Chong, F. Couvreux, F. Guichard, C. Rio, and E. Williams. Life Cycle of a Mesoscale Circular Gust Front Observed by a C-Band Doppler Radar in West Africa. Monthly Weather Review, 139:1370-1388, May 2011. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link ]

2010 .

(3 publications)

C. Rio, F. Hourdin, F. Couvreux, and A. Jam. Resolved Versus Parametrized Boundary-Layer Plumes. Part II: Continuous Formulations of Mixing Rates for Mass-Flux Schemes. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 135:469-483, June 2010. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

C. Rio, F. Hourdin, and A. Chédin. Numerical simulation of tropospheric injection of biomass burning products by pyro-thermal plumes. Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics, 10:3463-3478, April 2010. [ Bibtex entry | ADS link | Abstract ]

F. Couvreux, F. Hourdin, and C. Rio. Resolved Versus Parametrized Boundary-Layer Plumes. Part I: A Parametrization-Oriented Conditional Sampling in Large-Eddy Simulations. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 134:441-458, March 2010. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

2009 .

(1 publication)

C. Rio, F. Hourdin, J.-Y. Grandpeix, and J.-P. Lafore. Shifting the diurnal cycle of parameterized deep convection over land. Geophysical Research Letters, 36:7809, April 2009. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

2008 .

(1 publication)

C. Rio and F. Hourdin. A Thermal Plume Model for the Convective Boundary Layer: Representation of Cumulus Clouds. Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, 65:407-425, February 2008. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link ]

2007 .

(1 publication)

O. Coindreau, F. Hourdin, M. Haeffelin, A. Mathieu, and C. Rio. Assessment of Physical Parameterizations Using a Global Climate Model with Stretchable Grid and Nudging. Monthly Weather Review, 135:1474, 2007. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link ]

2004 .

(1 publication)

S. H. Derbyshire, I. Beau, P. Bechtold, J.-Y. Grandpeix, J.-M. Piriou, J. L. Redelsperger, and P. M. M. Soares. Sensitivity of moist convection to environmental humidity. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 130:3055-3079, October 2004. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

2001 .

(1 publication)

E. Chassefière, F. Forget, F. Hourdin, F. Vial, H. Rème, C. Mazelle, D. Vignes, J.-A. Sauvaud, P.-L. Blelly, D. Toublanc, J.-J. Berthelier, J.-C. Cerisier, G. Chanteur, L. Duvet, M. Menvielle, J. Lilensten, O. Witasse, P. Touboul, E. Quèmerais, J.-L. Bertaux, G. Hulot, Y. Cohen, P. Lognonné, J. P. Barriot, G. Balmino, M. Blanc, P. Pinet, M. Parrot, J.-G. Trotignon, M. Moncuquet, J.-L. Bougeret, K. Issautier, E. Lellouch, N. Meyer, C. Sotin, O. Grasset, F. Barlier, C. Berger, P. Tarits, J. Dyment, D. Breuer, T. Spohn, M. Pätzold, K. Sperveslage, P. Gough, A. Buckley, K. Szego, S. Sasaki, S. Smrekar, D. Lyons, M. Acuna, J. Connerney, M. Purucker, R. Lin, J. Luhmann, D. Mitchell, F. Leblanc, R. Johnson, J. Clarke, A. Nagy, D. Young, S. Bougher, G. Keating, R. Haberle, B. Jakosky, R. Hodges, M. Parmentier, H. Waite, and D. Bass. Scientific objectives of the DYNAMO mission. Advances in Space Research, 27:1851-1860, 2001. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

1998 .

(1 publication)

P. Barthelet, S. Bony, P. Braconnot, A. Braun, D. Cariolle, E. Cohen-Solal, J.-L. Dufresne, P. Delecluse, M. Déqué, L. Fairhead, M.-A. Filiberti, M. Forichon, J.-Y. Grandpeix, E. Guilyardi, M.-N. Hqussais, M. Imbard, H. Le Treut, C. Lévy, Z. Xin Li, G. Madec, P. Marquet, O. Marti, S. Planton, L. Terray, O. Thual, and S. Valcke. Simulations couplées globales des changements climatiques associés à une augmentation de la teneur atmosphérique en CO 2. Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences - Series IIA - Earth and Planetary Science, 326:677-684, May 1998. [ Bibtex entry | Journal website | ADS link | Abstract ]

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