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  author = {{Derbyshire}, S.~H. and {Beau}, I. and {Bechtold}, P. and {Grandpeix}, J.-Y. and 
	{Piriou}, J.-M. and {Redelsperger}, J.~L. and {Soares}, P.~M.~M.
  title = {{Sensitivity of moist convection to environmental humidity}},
  journal = {Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society},
  year = 2004,
  month = oct,
  volume = 130,
  pages = {3055-3079},
  abstract = {{As part of the EUROCS (EUROpean Cloud Systems study) project,
cloud-resolving model (CRM) simulations and parallel single-column model
(SCM) tests of the sensitivity of moist atmospheric convection to
mid-tropospheric humidity are presented. This sensitivity is broadly
supported by observations and some previous model studies, but is still
poorly quantified. Mixing between clouds and environment is a key
mechanism, central to many of the fundamental differences between
convection schemes. Here, we define an idealized quasi-steady 'testbed',
in which the large-scale environment is assumed to adjust the local mean
profiles on a timescale of one hour. We then test sensitivity to the
target profiles at heights above 2 km. Two independent CRMs agree
reasonably well in their response to the different background profiles
and both show strong deep precipitating convection in the more moist
cases, but only shallow convection in the driest case. The CRM results
also appear to be numerically robust. All the SCMs, most of which are
one-dimensional versions of global climate models (GCMs), show
sensitivity to humidity but differ in various ways from the CRMs. Some
of the SCMs are improved in the light of these comparisons, with GCM
improvements documented elsewhere.
  doi = {10.1256/qj.03.130},
  adsurl = {},
  adsnote = {Provided by the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System}
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