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@comment{{This file has been generated by bib2bib 1.95}}
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  author = {{Chedin}, A. and {Scott}, N.~A. and {Claud}, C. and {Bonnet}, B. and 
	{Escobar}, J. and {Dardaillon}, S. and {Cheruy}, F. and {Husson}, N.
  title = {{Global scale observation of the earth for climate studies}},
  journal = {Advances in Space Research},
  year = 1994,
  month = jan,
  volume = 14,
  pages = {155-159},
  abstract = {{Developed since 1983 at LMD, the 3I (Improved Initialization Inversion)
physical retrieval algorithm has been recently extended to the
processing of NOAA (TIROS-N Operational Vertical Sounder) observations
at global scale. Starting from the version implemented at ECMWF in
Reading, this global scheme has been recently improved and installed on
a CRAY-2. One month of observations (Feb. 1989) of NOAA-10 and 11 has
recently been processed, at a spatial resolution of 100 {\times} 100
km$^{2}$. A two years period should now be processed, in
conjunction with the PathFinder and GEWEX-GVaP programmes. Results
expected are: weekly to monthly averages of quantities like temperature
structure, cloud parameters or the vertical distribution and total
content of water vapor analysed in relationship to pertinent
meteorological or other parameters, especially with respect to
quantifying the fundamental characteristics and origines of water vapor
  doi = {10.1016/0273-1177(94)90364-6},
  adsurl = {},
  adsnote = {Provided by the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System}
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