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  author = {{Basdevant}, C. and {Sadourny}, R.},
  title = {{Modelling subgrid scales in numerical simulation of two-dimensional turbulent flows}},
  journal = {Journal de Mecanique Theorique et Appliquee Supplement},
  keywords = {Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computational Grids, Turbulent Flow, Two Dimensional Flow, Energy Spectra, Flow Velocity, Intermittency, Turbulence Models, Two Dimensional Models},
  year = 1983,
  pages = {243-269},
  abstract = {{Direct numerical simulation of turbulent, two-dimensional flows requires
a mesh size on the order of the dissipation scale, provided that the Re
is small enough. On the macroscale, where the turbulent structures are
considered to be independent of the deterministic behavior of
dissipative microstructures, low resolution models can be used if the
statistical properties of subgrid scale forces are incorporated into the
mesh. It is shown that a two-dimensional turbulence model with a cut-off
wavenumber in the enstrophy cascading range, the subgrid scale model
involves only a formulation of the cascade process. Nonlinear diffusion
operators, based on heuristic principles, are used in the classical
approach, while the intermittency that is present in two-dimensional
turbulence requires consideration of spectral slopes significantly
steeper than classical theory employs. Consequently, two different
techniques for defining a phenomenological model expressing the subgrid
scale processes are described.
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  adsnote = {Provided by the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System}
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