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  author = {{Laval}, K. and {Picon}, L.},
  title = {{Effect of a Change of the Surface Albedo of the Sahel on Climate.}},
  journal = {Journal of Atmospheric Sciences},
  year = 1986,
  month = nov,
  volume = 43,
  pages = {2418-2429},
  abstract = {{We have investigated with our general circulation model the effect of an
increase of surface albedo over the Sahel on climate. When albedo
increases, the precipitation and evaporation rates are lower. Our
experiment also has shown variations of zonal circulation over the
Sahel: the Tropical Easterly Jet is stronger and easterlies at low
altitude are weaker when the precipitation rate is higher. These
results, in agreement with observations of the changes of circulation
between dry and wet years, suggest that the albedo can play an important
role in the triggering or the maintenance of a drought in the Sahel
through the effects of circulation.
  doi = {10.1175/1520-0469(1986)043<2418:EOACOT>2.0.CO;2},
  adsurl = {},
  adsnote = {Provided by the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System}
  author = {{Picon}, L. and {Desbois}, M.},
  title = {{A method for measuring surface albedo variations from Meteosat images}},
  journal = {Annales Geophysicae},
  keywords = {Climatology, Earth Albedo, Meteosat Satellite, Satellite Imagery, Annual Variations, Atmospheric Effects, Histograms, Image Analysis, Radiance},
  year = 1986,
  month = dec,
  volume = 4,
  pages = {601-607},
  abstract = {{This paper presents a preliminary work to estimate the variations of
ground albedoes in Africa. The data are Meteosat images in visible and
infrared channels for January and April 1982. The compositing of the
images is used to approach at the best the clear sky conditions. These
composite images can also help to detect the extension of the humid air
penetration over Africa. The basic assumption is that at north of this
area the atmospheric effects on the visible channel remained constant
from one month to another. Then a simple histogram method is used for
the comparison over the chosen areas between January and April in the
visible channel. Only the effect on reflection of solar zenith angle has
been taken into account.
  adsurl = {},
  adsnote = {Provided by the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System}
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