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@comment{{This file has been generated by bib2bib 1.95}}
@comment{{Command line: /usr/bin/bib2bib --quiet -c 'not journal:"Discussions"' -c 'not journal:"Polymer Science"' -c '  author:"Codron"  ' -c year=2015 -c $type="ARTICLE" -oc lmd_Codron2015.txt -ob lmd_Codron2015.bib /home/WWW/LMD/public/}}
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  abstract = {{The consequences of global warming on the Peru-Chile Current System
(PCCS) ocean circulation are examined with a high-resolution,
eddy-resolving regional oceanic model. We performed a dynamical
downscaling of climate scenarios from the IPSL-CM4 Coupled General
Circulation Model (CGCM), corresponding to various levels of
CO$_{2}$ concentrations in the atmosphere. High-resolution
atmospheric forcing for the regional ocean model are obtained from the
IPSL atmospheric model run on a stretched grid with increased horizontal
resolution in the PCCS region. When comparing future scenarios to
preindustrial (PI) conditions, the circulation along the Peru and Chile
coasts is strongly modified by changes in surface winds and increased
stratification caused by the regional warming. While the coastal
poleward undercurrent is intensified, the surface equatorial coastal jet
shoals and the nearshore mesoscale activity are reinforced. Reduction in
alongshore wind stress and nearshore wind stress curl drive a year-round
reduction in upwelling intensity off Peru. Modifications in geostrophic
circulation mitigate this upwelling decrease in late austral summer. The
depth of the upwelling source waters becomes shallower in warmer
conditions, which may have a major impact on the system's biological
  doi = {10.1002/2014JC010299},
  adsurl = {},
  adsnote = {Provided by the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System}
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