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  author = {{Friedlingstein}, P. and {Bopp}, L. and {Ciais}, P. and {Dufresne}, J.-L. and 
	{Fairhead}, L. and {LeTreut}, H. and {Monfray}, P. and {Orr}, J.
  title = {{Positive feedback between future climate change and the carbon cycle}},
  journal = {\grl},
  keywords = {Atmospheric Composition and Structure: Biosphere/atmosphere interactions, Global Change, Oceanography: Biological and Chemical: Carbon cycling},
  year = 2001,
  volume = 28,
  pages = {1543-1546},
  abstract = {{Future climate change due to increased atmospheric CO$_{2}$ may
affect land and ocean efficiency to absorb atmospheric CO$_{2}$.
Here, using climate and carbon three-dimensional models forced by a 1\%
per year increase in atmospheric CO$_{2}$, we show that there is a
positive feedback between the climate system and the carbon cycle.
Climate change reduces land and ocean uptake of CO$_{2}$,
respectively by 54\% and 35\% at 4 {\times} CO$_{2}$. This negative
impact implies that for prescribed anthropogenic CO$_{2}$
emissions, the atmospheric CO$_{2}$ would be higher than the level
reached if climate change does not affect the carbon cycle. We estimate
the gain of this climate-carbon cycle feedback to be 10\% at 2 {\times}
CO$_{2}$ and 20\% at 4 {\times} CO$_{2}$. This translates into
a 15\% higher mean temperature increase.
  doi = {10.1029/2000GL012015},
  adsurl = {},
  adsnote = {Provided by the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System}
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