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  author = {{Babiano}, A. and {Basdevant}, C. and {Legras}, B. and {Sadourny}, R.
  title = {{Vorticity and passive-scalar dynamics in two-dimensional turbulence}},
  journal = {Journal of Fluid Mechanics},
  keywords = {Scalars, Similarity Theorem, Turbulent Flow, Two Dimensional Flow, Vorticity, Flow Stability, Incompressible Fluids, Kolmogoroff Theory},
  year = 1987,
  month = oct,
  volume = 183,
  pages = {379-397},
  abstract = {{The simple similarity theory a la Kolmogorov (SK theory) does not
distinguish between vorticity and passive-scalar dynamics. In this
paper, the vorticity and passive scalar dynamics in two-dimensional
turbulence were studied in parallel, using semidirect numerical
simulations. It is shown that a passive scalar forced and dissipated
under the same conditions as vorticity, has a quite different behavior.
The passive scalar obeys the SK theory, while the vorticity has the
capacity to organize itself into sporadic, strong coherent vortices; the
condensation of vorticity into such vortices depends critically both on
the existence of an energy invariant (intimately related to the feedback
of vorticity transport on velocity) and on the localness of flow
dynamics in physical space.
  doi = {10.1017/S0022112087002684},
  adsurl = {},
  adsnote = {Provided by the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System}
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