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@comment{{Command line: /usr/bin/bib2bib --quiet -c 'not journal:"Discussions"' -c 'not journal:"Polymer Science"' -c '  author:"Laval"  ' -c year=2006 -c $type="ARTICLE" -oc lmd_Laval2006.txt -ob lmd_Laval2006.bib /home/WWW/LMD/public/}}
  author = {{Ramillien}, G. and {Frappart}, F. and {G{\"u}ntner}, A. and 
	{Ngo-Duc}, T. and {Cazenave}, A. and {Laval}, K.},
  title = {{Time variations of the regional evapotranspiration rate from Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellite gravimetry}},
  journal = {Water Resources Research},
  keywords = {Geodesy and Gravity: Time variable gravity (7223, 7230), Hydrology: Evapotranspiration, Geodesy and Gravity: Mass balance (0762, 1223, 1631, 1836, 1843, 3010, 3322, 4532), evapotranspiration, global hydrology, GRACE satellite mission, water mass balance},
  year = 2006,
  month = oct,
  volume = 42,
  eid = {W10403},
  pages = {10403},
  abstract = {{Since its launch in March 2002, the Gravity Recovery and Climate
Experiment (GRACE) mission has been measuring the global time variations
of the Earth's gravity field with a current resolution of {\tilde}500 km.
Especially over the continents, these measurements represent the
integrated land water mass, including surface waters (lakes, wetlands
and rivers), soil moisture, groundwater, and snow cover. In this study,
we use the GRACE land water solutions computed by Ramillien et al.
(2005a) through an iterative inversion of monthly geoids from April 2002
to May 2004 to estimate time series of basin-scale regional
evapotranspiration rate and associated uncertainties. Evapotranspiration
is determined by integrating and solving the water mass balance
equation, which relates land water storage (from GRACE), precipitation
data (from the Global Precipitation Climatology Centre), runoff (from a
global land surface model), and evapotranspiration (the unknown). We
further examine the sensibility of the computation when using different
model runoff. Evapotranspiration results are compared to outputs of four
different global land surface models. The overall satisfactory agreement
between GRACE-derived and model-based evapotranspiration prove the
ability of GRACE to provide realistic estimates of this parameter.
  doi = {10.1029/2005WR004331},
  adsurl = {},
  adsnote = {Provided by the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System}
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